Spirituality Is To Experience Life Itself

Spirituality is as fascinating as it is abstract. One could say that the spiritual dimension is veiled or hidden. Only when a spiritual seeker has matured to a certain degree, does reality reveal itself to her.

Truth and reality are synonymous with spirituality. In other words, spiritual practice uncovers ultimate truth and reality, while opinions and appearances, are the strict opposite of truth and reality.

In this post, I will elaborate on the title - spirituality is to experience life itself. I hope this article will offer you a clear picture of what spirituality is and is not.

Before we start to expand on the title, let's touch upon worldly life experiences. Imagine a handful of students, in their early twenties, that go separate ways after their graduation.

One of the female students immediately starts a family and experiences that aspect of life, which includes pregnancy, giving birth, raising children and not to be overlooked, the relationship with her partner. That, can be truly life-changing experiences. She learns a lot about life, wouldn't you agree?

Another student, kicks off his career and makes his first million dollars before he turns 25. He is obsessed with money and applies himself 100%. This young man also learns about certain aspects of life. The business world is really competitive and risky. Perhaps he realizes that money isn't everything.

A third student, volunteers as a health professional at a small village, in a third world country. There she witnesses poverty, corruption, injustice, tropical deceases, HIV, AIDS etc. She experiences certain aspects of life, which directly affects her perspectives, values and ideals.

A fourth student, is drafted and flown into a war zone. He kills several enemies, in his line of duty, and many a time he fears for his own life. Several of his comrades are killed and injured in battle. It's only natural that he asks himself, "What's the meaning of all this?" This young man also experiences certain aspects of life. The experiences are traumatic and may trouble him for years to come...

The four students experience various facets of life, worldly life. As long as you are caught up in thinking, your experiences are limited to worldly life. Sadly, most people only have worldly life experiences.

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What Is Spirituality?

In order to cultivate awareness, spiritual seekers put thinking aside. Instead of stimulating the intellect, they develop steadfast awareness or attention, without thought. That, is the spiritual seeker's most important tool.

So, what does spirituality is to experience life itself mean? For one, it does not suggest that spirituality is about experiencing worldly life. The experiences the graduates had were life-changing, but not spiritual.

Picture a fifth student, that spends 20 years meditating in a remote Buddhist monastery. The practice enables him to be mindful throughout the day, and to put his thoughts aside, at will.

After years of practice, he starts to experience himself, his inner world. He can clearly see how the mind calms down when it's not engaging in thinking, he can clearly see how the mind responds to anger, and he can clearly see how the mind operates when desire or craving arises. As a seasoned spiritual seeker, he can easily let go of his feelings and thoughts, which is truly liberating.

The above experiences are touching upon experiencing life itself, but it is not quite there yet. As his spiritual practice matures further, he realizes universal truths, such as, "I'm not a person, I'm simply consciousness that is identifying with the body and the mind." These insights are so profound that they result in a total shift in perspectives.

He may also come into contact with beings from other realms, we can call them spiritual beings, or beings without physical bodies. To witness such encounters is almost unreal, since we doubt the existence of spiritual beings, until we meet them in person. Knowing that there are beings that can not be perceived with the physical senses, changes the way you look at reality altogether.

Spirituality is to experience life itself, refers to the ultimate reality of life. That includes experiencing your mind free from thoughts, realizing that you are not a person, and to encounter the spiritual beings that support you physically and spiritually.

Spirituality is an experiential discipline, and first-hand experience makes for knowing.

Best of luck!

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