You Are Consciousness

Who are you? What's your true identity?

I say you're consciousness. But to find your true self, you have to give attention to the stillness within.

In this post we'll explore the truth and reality of who you are. You will also discover who you're not.

Knowing yourself at the deepest level makes for comfort and ease. Moreover, when you're aligned with truth and reality, every moment is beautiful...

Finding Yourself

You are not your feelings and thoughts, no matter how real they may seem. You're not your name, body, gender or nationality either. These are nothing more than culturally accepted beliefs. And you're certainly not your intellect or profession, like the majority of us think.

But you believe in these identities, "I'm an attractive 30-year old American woman. Slightly melancholic but with an above average IQ."

That's not who you are! Since you were a baby you've been told that your name is Ann and that you're a girl. You've been conditioned to believe that, but when was the last time you questioned it?

"Hello! Wake up from the illusion"

Now that I question who you are, I fundamentally challenge your perception of reality. You're expected to fear and resist everything I say, that's a perfectly normal reaction. I understand where you're coming from, because I've been there myself.

Are you your feelings and thoughts?

Of course not. You're the consciousness that is aware of the feelings, thoughts and mental processes. That's who you are.

Human beings think from the very moment they wake up in the morning, until they fall asleep at night. The thinking activity is characterized by repetitive negative thoughts, desires and stress.

Even worse, you think that you are your thoughts.

The consciousness that you are is suppressed by this endless thinking activity. That consciousness is naturally pure and radiant. Turn your attention inward and you will know for yourself.

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Stop Looking For Yourself In Things

You identify with your cellphone, the clothes that you wear and the car you drive. Stop looking for yourself in things. Your minds craves material things and automatically identifies with them.

"I'm a Levi's girl in a red Toyota - I just love my Nokia!"

She doesn't realize it, but she is so strongly identified with the brands that she is Levi's, Toyota and Nokia. What a pathetic reality.

When you're shopping for things, you shop for new identities. The same holds true for education and career choices. You obviously seek happiness and satisfaction in things; but not to be overlooked, you're also seeking your identity in them.

You're lost, you don't know who you are. It's an endless identity struggle. That's the human condition.

Spiritual Practice

You're not a mother, father, sister or brother, you're consciousness. Stop identifying with mental concepts. As you already know, intellectualizing won't solve your identity crises. The way to connect with your true self is by turning your attention inward.

With some practice you will discover an inner world filled with vibrant stillness, hidden under a thick layer of mental chatter.

Guided meditation can serve as your first step along the path. Here you can download three guided meditations free of charge. No previous experience needed, practice makes perfect.

To reap the fruits of spiritual practice, always give relaxed attention to your meditation object. Relax, don't try too hard.

Best of luck!

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