How To Establish A Daily Meditation Practice

Here is the post every sincere meditator and spiritual seeker should read. As you may have noticed, it is not easy to establish a daily meditation practice. For one, it takes a fair measure of motivation, discipline and endurance to keep it up.

In this article you will learn about the significant benefits of a solid, daily meditation practice.

What is more, I will share a handful of pointers that can fuel your progress and help you overcome the most difficult challenges along the way...

The Benefits Of A Daily Meditation Practice

The more regularly you meditate, the more progress you make. This is due to the so-called mental momentum described below.

If you practice alone, you cultivate more motivation, discipline and endurance, which every meditator and spiritual seeker need lots of. Meditating in a group also develops the above qualities, but to a lesser extent. It is much more challenging to keep up a daily meditation practice all alone, hence, the more effort you make, the greater the rewards.

Imagine that you are bicycling down a flat road. If you stop pedaling, it will coast or freewheel until the bicycle comes to a halt. This forward momentum is referred to as inertia.

One of the top benefits of a daily meditation practice is this mental momentum or inertia. So how does it work?

Regardless whether you meditate in the morning, afternoon or evening, the momentum carries over to the next day. The noticeable momentum makes it much easier to pick up the meditation practice the following day, since the mind is still somewhat focused and peaceful from the previous meditation session.

The opposite is true when you only meditate sporadically. Then, the lack of mental momentum makes it harder to focus or concentrate on your meditation object.

To maximize the mental momentum, break up your daily meditation practice into two sessions. Either two equally long sessions or a long and a short session. This way, you keep the momentum going...

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Establishing A Daily Meditation Practice

It really does not matter if you meditate alone or in a group. You can also combine solo and group practices. What really matters though, is that you stick to your daily practice by making it a top priority.

Concentrating when under stress or time pressure is hard, therefore, schedule your daily meditation session or sessions with great care. Again, make your daily meditation practice a top priority in your life.

I would strongly recommend that you start out with a minor commitment. Be sensible! It is way better to succeed with a short meditation session a day, than to fail with a long one. Succeeding will call forth true self-esteem and make you feel good about your meditation practice.

Major commitments from the get-go will only disappoint and discourage you from meditating.

5 minutes or 10 minutes per day is a good start. That may seem little, but keep in mind that it translates into 5-10 minutes even on busy days. It is good to know that a short quality meditation is more worthwhile than a long sluggish session.

Figure out how much you can meditate on a daily basis. Experiment and find a healthy balance.

Always give relaxed attention to your meditation object. Trying too hard, will only result in physical and mental tension.

The hardest part of any undertaking is to take the first step, in other words, to start. Whenever you don't feel like meditating, put the unpleasant emotions aside and settle into your practice. Once you are meditating, the meditation will start to flow.

We are naturally lazy beings, become familiar with your own tendencies.

Regular physical exercise boosts motivation, discipline and endurance. This is a key to succeeding in your daily meditation practice. The exercise can simply be stretching, yoga, walking, bicycling, swimming or gym sessions. What matters the most is that you exercise regularly, not how long you exercise. 10-20 minute sessions will do.

The exercise also boosts your overall health. Remember that the mind dwells in the physical body, so a healthy body, has a positive effect on the mind.

Not to be overlooked, create an inspiring space to meditate in. Light a candle or incense if that inspires you. A religious, sacred or spiritual image or symbol can also be uplifting. Nature sounds and ambient music work too. Be creative.

It doesn't matter if you meditate sitting on the floor or on a chair. Sit comfortably, since physical discomfort can be a huge distraction.

Personally, I do most of my meditation practice standing up. That keeps my knee injury at ease. Moreover, meditating standing up doesn't make you sleepy like sitting does.

I hope this post will inspire you to establish a daily meditation practice.

Best of luck!

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