Powerful Meditation Tips

In this post we'll explore a wide range of meditation tips. As always, experiment to see what works best for you...

In order to succeed in meditation it's vital to do away with distractions. So, find a quiet place for your meditation practice, either indoors or outdoors. Nature is the ideal place for practice since it's peaceful. At the same time, human voices are one of the most difficult distractions to handle. Always make sure you meditate in a quiet place.

You can also close the door to the room and switch of your phone. If you're in noisy surroundings, try using ear plugs.

Make sure it's not too hot or cold where you meditate. Opt for a comfortable room temperature. Another thing to take into account is air circulation. By opening a window for a few minutes before you meditate, there will be plenty of oxygen in the room which supports alertness and attention.

Make sure you are rested when you start your practice. If you're sleepy or under a lot of stress, it will be more difficult to focus your attention on the meditation object. A short nap before the session works wonders!

I would like to point out that it's educational to familiarize oneself with various mental states such as sleepiness. However, don't make it a habit to meditate when you're tired, which would be a waste of your time and effort.

Some meditators find it supportive to light a candle light, incense or to dim the lights. Others prefer to always meditate in the same place. Try and see what works for you.

Meditating in a group supports concentration. The mental energy of a group is very powerful. To become a versatile meditator, you should meditate both alone and with a group.

Put everything in your life aside when you meditate. Don't intentionally plan your next holiday while meditating. Instead, give full attention to your meditation object.

Stick to the same meditation technique once you have found one that works for you. That way your will make faster progress.

I suggest you keep the meditation sessions short. 10-15 Minutes is fine for beginners, while intermediate meditators can practice somewhat longer. It's most helpful to take short breaks between sessions. By stretching and walking around for a few minutes, you're less likely to be distracted by physical discomfort while meditating. Again, see what works best for you.

Don't have a heavy meal before a meditation session. It's better to eat after you have meditated since it's tiring to digest food. Personally, I get energized by a light meal for about 45 minutes. Then, tiredness kicks in.

Many meditators struggle with motivation. Try reading an inspiring meditation book before you meditate. Listening to meditation talks or watching meditation DVDs also inspire us to practice, from deep within.

Attitudes In Meditation

Remember that it's the mind that meditates, not the body. Don't worry if you don't look cool when you meditate. Any comfortable body posture is fine. Use pillows, cushions and blankets to make yourself as comfortable as possible.

"An erect spine supports alertness and wakefulness"

Lying down is another great position for meditation since it promotes physical and mental relaxation. However, don't meditate lying down when you're sleepy.

Always relax your body and mind when you meditate. It's vital to know that a relaxed body makes for a relaxed mind, and vice versa. Moreover, don't try too hard. All you have to do is give relaxed attention to your meditation object. Concentrating too hard only leads to physical and mental tension.

Do your best to accept every moment as it is. Whenever you struggle with your meditation practice, accept that it's not flowing smoothly. That's better than being taken over by frustration. Take on a forgiving attitude toward yourself. Never be hard on yourself.

Since joy and playfulness are relaxed mental states, you have everything to gain by having a joyous and playful attitude toward your meditation practice.

Best of luck!

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