A Word Of Caution About Binaural Beats Meditation

In this post we'll take a look at binaural beats meditation and the negative effects it has on the mind.

I would like to point out that axel g normally doesn't post articles about products and meditation practices that I don't stand by, since I'm not interested in openly criticizing any meditation method.

That is why it's taken me almost two years to voice my opinion. Hopefully, this post will put some meditators back on the right track...

Let's first take a look at some other forms of meditation, to better understand the issues I have with binaural beats.

Nature Sounds And Guided Meditation

Many meditators enjoy listening to nature sounds. These meditations are pretty straightforward with naturally relaxing sounds that rub off on the listener.

The easy to follow instructions in guided meditations help focus your attention. When the mind is centered the compulsive thinking slows down, which is calming.

As you can see, nature sounds are naturally relaxing while guided meditation helps center your attention. I've practiced these forms of meditation for years and recommend them without any reservations.

Meditation Is Soothing

When I practice mindfulness or meditation, I always experience an uplifting stillness. It's a combination of soothing emotions and mental calm. Meditation connects us with life itself.

Jesus said, "The kingdom of heaven is within you."

Did you know that meditators view thinking as a stress generator, while awareness of the present moment calms the mind.

As a novice meditator, I typically had to meditate for 10-20 minutes to feel the positive effects. Nowadays, the stillness and pleasant emotions arise the very moment I give attention inwards.

Binaural Beats

Binaural beats are audio files not unlike nature sounds and guided meditations. The big difference is that binaural beats manipulate the brain by feeding slightly different frequencies to the left and right ears.

These meditations are designed to make you calm. Some companies take it a step further and claim the practice leads to spiritual growth. But anyone who has tasted the sweetness of spiritual bliss, knows that it's not even remotely true.

As I mentioned before, the moment I give attention to my meditation object, soothing stillness arises. That is an experience shared by many meditators.

Anyhow, I tried binaural beats at one occasion about two years ago. Listening to the meditation in headphones made me nauseas.

Only practice meditation techniques that make you feel good.

This is a classic example of how science fails to understand the human psyche. No experienced meditator in her right frame of mind would ever recommend binaural beats.

A final note. There are no shortcuts to mastering meditation. Practice well and you will reap the fruits of happiness and wellbeing.

Best of luck!

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