How To Deal With Thinking In Meditation

It's important to remember that you have been thinking all your life. In other words, the thinking has built up an enormous momentum, not unlike a supertanker at full speed. In order to change the habit, you have to make a persistent effort.

In this post you will learn skillful techniques to deal with thinking in meditation. How do you normally react, when the mind is acting like a restless monkey during meditation? My spontaneous reaction is irritation, frustration, closely followed by anger.

Do you believe it's easier to meditate while feeling at ease or when fuming with anger and frustration? As you probably have experienced, it's next to impossible to meditate when the mind is distracted by negative feelings and thoughts.

Let's take a look at a meditator's perspective on thinking.

Accepting Thinking In Meditation

Just like light bulbs generate light, minds process thoughts. We can't change the nature of the mind, but we can learn to accept it as it is. I encourage you to change your perspective on thinking at the root level, by viewing it as a natural phenomenon.

Don't expect the mind to stop thinking, just because you are meditating.

It's vital to preserve equanimity during meditation. Another word for equanimity is mental calm or balance.

So, next time you meditate, be truly patient and accepting. If the mind is unfocused, the mind is unfocused. Wholeheartedly accept that the mind is all over the place, as opposed to resisting it. Learn to flow with life...

Instead of reacting with anger and frustration, accept that the mind is engaged in thinking. That will preserve your mental calm.

Every time you notice that you are caught up in thinking, patiently bring your attention back to your meditation object.

With practice, your attention will grow more steadfast, thus leaving less room for thought. In the meantime, give relaxed attention to your meditation object and preserve equanimity.

Best of luck!

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