Guided Meditation Testimonials

Apr 2012
Thank you for the free guided meditations. I feel so relaxed and wonderful!


October 2011
Hi Axel G,

I have been practicing your guided meditations for a while. I love to play "learning to relax" and "the beautiful breath" during my lunch break and "the kindness meditation" in the morning before I start my day.

With only less than 10 mins sweeping meditation, I always feel refreshing and more energetic in the afternoon.

Thank you very much for all the MP3's!

I am wondering if you have more guided meditation that I can download. So far I have had "learning to relax", "the beautiful breath", "kindness meditation" and "meditation for lovers". If you do have more, it'll be much appreciated.

I have never liked meditation so much. Thanks to you!


May 2011
Hi, will listen tonight, no need to ask how you are, as you come from such a positive place. You sent me something once about blessing myself, and I will bless others, and to breathe with the stomach, I do and thank you.


February 2011
Dear Axel, I own and operate several businesses and am a hard charger. Even when I was younger I set several athletic records that still stand today. I'm 58. Very loyal, been married to my high school sweetheart for around 34 years.

Just last week, I was cleaning out my gutters on the roof when I fell off the ladder. The result was I broke my ankle and had to have surgery which has left me in my chair. Last night I got so restless that I wanted to scream out loud. I keep wanting to jump out of this damn chair and run around the house but, of course, that's impossible.

Business is fine but I just have to be there and make sure. Both companies have been in business for over 15 years and quite established but again, I have to be there. I have never learned to relax, never.

Thank you for your downloads which I plan to make use of today. My father and mother have both died of cancer at a young age and I believe stress may have lead this on. Thanks again for you web page.

December 2010
Dear Axel G

Thanks for axel g gift for The Beautiful Breath, Guided Meditation to Relax and Guided Kindness Meditation is really better. Kindly never forget me and I hope you will send other beautiful meditation guided mp3.

Thanks and kindness.


June 2008
Thank you so much for this link! I have been looking for some sort of meditation, but everything costs money these days, and it is something i just can't afford to spend money on. But I have downloaded this method of meditation, and used it only once so far. It was really relaxing! I have not tried meditation before and assumed it would take a lot of practice, but I can honestly say it did a lot for me first time, so I am looking forward to using it on a regular basis!! Any more links to free downloads would also be greatly appreciated!!!

Thanks again!


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