What Is Reiki Healing?

I clearly recall the first time I ever received spiritual healing. I was deeply depressed at the time and willing to try just about anything that possibly could ease the emotional pain.

After just a few moments of hands-on healing, I felt this warm and loving energy flow into my body.

It was the most soothing sensation I had ever felt. The healer was exceptionally gifted and basically self-taught.

The five treatments I received helped me deal with the depression and made me interested in becoming a healer myself. So, later on that year I attended my first reiki course outside of Cambridge, in England.

I had never tried reiki healing prior to attending the course, however it proved to be quite similar to the healing I had grown used to.

Reiki Energy

In order to pass on healing energy the healer has to learn to bring the reiki energy into her body and out through the palms. Reiki energy exists all around us and enters the healer through the top of the head.

Some healers gently touch the receiver with their palms during the treatment while others leave their hands an inch or two above the body. In my experience, physical touch deepens the healing.

Healing energy is a form of mental energy and both the healer and the receiver benefit from the healing session, since all the energy passes through the healer on its way to the receiver. Reiki energy is deeply relaxing and as a result many receivers fall asleep during the treatment. The average treatment lasts for about 30 minutes.

Personally, I find reiki particularly effective with emotional issues.

Highly recommended!

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