Reiki And Negative Energy

I recall going to a spiritual center in Sweden a few year ago. I had never been there before and was curious to see what they had to offer.

As I browsed through some brochures just outside a treatment room, I could sense unbalanced reiki energy radiating across the room.

The energy was warm but it also had a depressive character. Obviously the healer must have been depressed or out of emotional balance. Now, is it fair to charge for such a treatment? Would you pay for taking on someone else's neuroses?

Reiki Energy In Itself Is Pure

Many reiki healers believe that no matter how unhappy, depressed or stressed out they may be - the reiki energy remains pure. Anyone who is open to subtle energies, know that this is not the case. The mental state of the healer directly effects the quality of the energy that is being passed on. Now, if the reiki healer is in mental balance, she would have little or no effect on the quality of the healing energy.

So, what can we do to avoid passing on negative energy to clients? For one, don't go ahead with a treatment if you're feeling angry, sick or depressed. That is the easiest way to avoid passing on negativity to others.

By cultivating emotional balance, you'll pass on even less negative energy to clients. Read my article Emotional Healing for inspiration and support.

Cleansing Techniques

You may have tried a number of cleansing techniques yourself. These visualizations are meant to prevent any negative energy from going past your palms - which is against the law of nature.

So, how can one tell if negative energy is being passed on or not? Let a healer who's feeling angry or depressed cleanse herself and then give you a short healing session.

If you're not open to subtle energies, you'll probably just sense the warmth which is the very core of the reiki energy. Negative energy is yet subtler.

Cultivate emotional balance instead of wasting your time with cleansing techniques...

A final note. We have to recognize that many healers are in it to deal with their own emotional issues. Are these individuals truly in a position to heal others? The answer is no.

Best of luck!

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