How To Heal Anxiety And Depression

Before we start, I would like to remind you that I have over 15 years of first-hand experience with depression and suicidal depression. That amounts to a lot of human suffering. It was that very misery that motivated me to work hard to heal my depression.

In this post, I will share my very best advice with you. Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

When the anxiety and depression subside, all that is left is inner peace. This stillness is so beautiful and fills you from top to toe. What a transformation, to go from suicidal pain to virtual bliss.

The Causes Of Anxiety And Depression

There are no quick fixes. I'm sorry to say that, but that's the truth. You really have to work on yourself to heal your anxiety and depression. At the same time, talk therapy is a great relief. It feels so good when someone really gives you attention and listens to your concerns; it's truly healing.

What you need to do is to face your unpleasant emotions once and for all, and learn to let go of your negative feelings and thoughts. It's true to say, that we create our own unhappiness by holding on to unpleasant feelings and thoughts.

Meditation is a wonderful tool when it comes to emotional healing. It works on two levels:

The healing process starts when you give relaxed attention to your unpleasant emotions. It's a form of mental purification. The negative emotions literally run out of fuel and all you're left with are your memories.

Secondly, meditation naturally develops your ability to let go of negative feelings and thoughts. A mindful person can easily accept every moment as it is. To be friends with the present moment, is a soothing state of mind. Take a moment to think about how you resist feelings and thoughts in your daily life...

Healing Meditation

The best way to heal unpleasant emotions is to lie down on your back, close your eyes and give relaxed attention to the negative emotions that come up to the surface. At first it will be painful to meet face to face with the unpleasant emotions, but you will grow used to it. Don't be afraid and feel free to email me for support whenever you like.

If the emotions are overpowering and frighten you, it's not a good idea to meditate alone. Once you have passed through the most intense emotional stages you are in a better position to work on your own.

Best of luck!

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