What Are The Pros Of Living In A Spiritual Community?

That's a meaningful question, let's start out with the very basics.

One of the most obvious pros is that it offers an opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This calms the mind which makes it easier to meditate.

It's inspiring to live in a spiritual environment and to be surrounded by like-minded people. The group energy supports the meditation practice as well.

You can make friends with meditators from all around the world and learn about other communities and monasteries where they've stayed before.

In spiritual communities it's always easy to find help whenever you got a question.

Personally, I've learned a lot from meditation talks, interviews and by sharing experiences with other meditators.

Meditation And Community Living

One of the beauties of community living is that in addition to a number of daily group meditations, you got the opportunity to work mindfully throughout the day which can deepen your meditation practice in a big way.

Community living in itself is a great learning experience. You'll most probably spend time with individuals you normally wouldn't socialize with such as people from other cultures and backgrounds. Patience and letting go of personal preferences are other qualities you can cultivate while living in a spiritual community.

Finally, and in my opinion the greatest gift all. In a monastery or spiritual community life tend to be simple and monotonous which may result in boredom, restlessness and negative emotional reactions. By accepting these unpleasant mental states for what they are, you got the opportunity of a lifetime to gain inner freedom - which is the key to happiness and wellbeing...

Best of luck!

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