Self-Confidence Going Ugly

Have you ever met anyone who's overflowing with self-confidence, to the point where it's down right ugly? Let's explore self-confidence to see how too much of it can turn against you...

With low self-confidence every situation could potentially turn into great embarrassment. Take the shy guy for example, who's on his first date with a girl he's just fallen in love with. Since he's not comfortable round the opposite sex he's really tense and worried about saying the wrong things.

A date could be as exhausting as sitting through a job interview, an endless cycle of profuse sweating and blushing.

Building lasting self-confidence is a matter of accepting yourself the way you are and knowing what you're capable of. As you already know, improved self-confidence makes for comfort and ease and can have most positive effects on your life.

Confident Athletes

These days athletes go through intensive mental training to supercharge their self-confidence and motivation. These qualities enhance the training as well as the performance in competitions.

But hold on for a second, I've seen the negative effects of intensive mental training. Goal orientation and self-confidence exercises can be pushed to the extreme where you start developing a super ego.

So, being obsessed with confidence building can have the most undesirable consequences.

Improved self-confidence is highly sought after and can have really positive effects on your life, but like with everything else - aim for moderation.

Best of luck!

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