How To Ease Depression

What immediate measures can be taken to reduce the intensity of depression? Let's find out...

Attention heals like nothing else. Expressing yourself, effectively eases mental and emotional discomfort. Share your feelings and thoughts with a good friend or try talk therapy. It's vital you feel comfortable with your therapist, so choose carefully.

Deep relaxation effectively dissolves physical and mental tension. The beauty of relaxation is that you can enjoy it in the comfort of your home. I find guided meditation most helpful. No previous experience needed, practice makes perfect...

Reiki healing is a gentle form of mental and emotional cleansing that soothes discomforting emotions. Google the word reiki for more information on energy healing and treatments. Again, it's important you feel comfortable with your healer, so be selective.

The following also support mental and emotional wellbeing:

- Exercise

- Fresh air

- Friendship

- Sound sleep

- Healthy foods

- Meaningful activities

- The Power Of Now - a profound book on healing and awareness

Best of luck!

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