Overcoming Laziness

It's normal to be lazy at times. After a long week at the office it's only healthy to unwind over the weekend. Sleeping in and taking it easy for a day or two are great ways of recharging the batteries.

But let's take a look at real laziness which is characterized by getting stuck in a state of inactivity. Instead of doing what we're supposed to we get stuck in sticky things like surfing the web, playing computer games and watching movies.

Whenever there's a lack of motivation it's only natural to fall into a mode of inactivity. Unemployment is an all too common cause of just that.

After a few hours of aimless surfing, I personally get really bored and feel mentally low.

Kick The Habit

But how do you get out, if you got mud up to your waist?

You have to make some serious effort! Let's take a look at a handful of powerful tools that can help you along the way...

A balanced lifestyle is great support, so find an approach that suits you.

Staying up all night and sleeping all day is bound to make you sluggish. You're better off going to bed round midnight, hitting the sack later than that is asking for trouble.

Then, set the alarm and opt to wake up after 6-9 hours of sleep - too much rest only makes you drowsy.

Once you get the basics right, you're in an excellent position to change your situation around:

- If you're unemployed, look for a job

- If you spend a lot of time on your own, socialize more

- If you eat mostly unhealthy foods, change to a healthier diet

- If you're not doing any exercise, exercise 2-3 times a week

- If you spend most of your time inside, get some fresh air

These are all great energizers!

Avoid Sticky Activities

If you have a tendency to get stuck on the web, work offline. Again, avoiding sticky activities will keep your motivation buzzing. See, how just a touch of structure makes for freedom.

Motivation naturally gives rise to satisfaction, so give it a chance and let me know how you're coming along...

Best of luck!

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