Jet-Like Motivation

Are you the kind of person who either do nothing or totally get absorbed in what you're doing? And once you've set your mind to it, the goal becomes the most important thing in your life?

That's me, anyway.

It makes no difference whether it's learning to meditate, eating healthy, getting physical exercise or running a website - I focus on my goal like a little kid who's playing, and completely forget about the rest of the world.

Where does that kind of motivation come from or is it more of a personality trait? Let's find out...

Here's my take. I reckon anyone gets motivated whenever an activity is fun and exciting. So, how do you know when a moment of inspiration is about to arise?

Generally we don't, but with experience you'll be able to sense the natural high as it sets in. And whenever these moments of inspiration surface - give it your best shot and put it to work for you.

Sometimes an idea feels really exciting and inspires the world out of me. Other times a good vibration triggers it. Find out what works for you...

Cultivate and cherish the moments that make for effortless creation.


So, are you disciplined like a soldier and ready to fight until your mission has been completed?

We have to accept that mental energy fluctuates on a moment-to-moment basis. There will be days when motivation is running low, then discipline comes to our rescue.

With a lot of stamina to your name, it's possible to endure the longest of droughts. Even though everything looks dark, determination can push you through it.

The opposite would be someone who gives up as soon as there's drizzle in the air or a popular show on tv.

Inspired Motivation

By combining the joy of inspiration with the power of a jet engine, you have a superior combination of creativity and thrust.

Whenever you feel there is inspiration in the air, take the opportunity to get a lot of work done in a short time. Propelled by vibrant motivation you have a pleasant session ahead of you...

Enjoy the natural high!

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