Meditation For Lovers

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We are going to do a meditation for lovers.

Meditation has the power to unite and nurture us from deep within. Let this meditation illuminate your hearts and bring you closer together.

The technique is easy, so you'll be fine even if you're completely new to meditation. The key is to approach it with an open heart.

Let's start...

Sit down opposite each other, either on a bed, sofa, the floor or on chairs. It's really important that you sit comfortably, so use cushions and pillows to make yourselves as comfortable as possible. It's natural to relax when the body is comfortable, which also makes it easier to meditate.

One of you should lead the meditation. So, decide who will guide and take turns next time you meditate.

Now, sit as closely together as possible without touching each other's bodies. The meditation starts with eye contact, only. Relax and breathe normally. Look in each other's eyes without staring, all it takes is relaxed attention.

As you look in your lover's eyes, feel the joy of love in your whole body. Open up and allow your hearts to unite, you can do that. The hearts unite by themselves when you keep eye contact. And by feeling the joy of love, you'll connect even more deeply. Remain in this space for as long as you like.

When the one who guides is ready to move on, put your left hand in your lover's right hand, and do same with your other hand. Open up and maintain eye contact and feel the joy of love in the whole body.

Now that your hands are touching, even more love flows between your hearts. Look in each other's eyes and feel the joy of love - you are connecting deeper and deeper.

When the guide feels the time is right, close your eyes. Instead of looking in your lover's eyes, bring your attention to the heart.

Feel the joy of love in your heart. Allow the peace and warmth to nurture your hearts. Rest in this soothing state for as long as you like.

When the guide is contented, gently squeeze your lover's hands and slowly open your eyes.

Feel free to keep eye contact for awhile before sharing your experiences of the meditation.

With practice, the meditation becomes even more beautiful and your hearts will grow closer together.

Good luck!

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