How To Prevent Stress

Stress is as common as it is unpleasant. Not to mention that it's detrimental to health. Let's take a look at some practical and effective techniques to prevent stress, that you can put to use right away. No experience needed, practice makes perfect...

It's fundamental to understand that thinking is the root cause of stress. Then, the stress is fueled by thinking that you're short of time.

So, why does meditation make you peaceful? The answer is, the less you think, the less stress is generated by the mind. In other words, thinking is stressful. Seasoned meditators know this from first-hand experience. I encourage you to verify it for yourself.

The Benefits Of Stress-Free Living

One of the benefits of stress-free living is that you continuously feel at ease. Even after a long day at the office, you won't have any problems to fall asleep. That is since the mind is not entangled in thoughts. Remember that it's stress that causes insomnia. Or put differently, insomnia is caused by thinking.

When the mind is operating without time pressure the mental processes flow naturally. Stress on the other hand, disrupts any mental harmony.

Here is a good example. When I go to shopping malls, which I don't do very often, I clearly sense the stress that permeates the air. As I walk around mindfully, I'm aware that the unpleasant mental energy is forcing me out of balance. Unless I make the extra effort to be mindful, I would get caught up in the collective stress.

It's true to say that stress is contagious. Not unlike anger, tiredness and sexual energy. At the same time, a calm and harmonious individual has a positive effect on everyone she meets.

One more thing, it's more effective to prevent stress than trying to cure a mind that has already been consumed by a wildfire.

Practical Stress Management

Here are the practical, easy-to-use techniques to prevent stress. Keep in mind that stress is the result of a lack of time or ultimately thinking.

In order to prevent stress, it's vital to plan ahead and to learn from past experiences. Here is an example. Let's say you're going to pick up a client at a busy train station where you know there is limited parking.

I suggest you leave really early. That would give you plenty of spare time in case there is road construction or a lot of traffic along the way. Then, if there is no parking available at the train station, you would still have enough time to park elsewhere and walk leisurely to meet up with your client.

Also take into account that it takes time to learn which platform the train arrives at and to find your way there.

The next preventive measure is to put enough money in the parking meter, in the event the train is delayed. That way, you won't get stressed out about getting a parking ticket. Can you see how time and thinking give rise to stress?

Stress management is essentially about foreseeing potential stress triggers and to create space around them. Feel free to take notes while doing your planning. Another important factor is not to postpone tasks, which only accumulates down the road.

Finally, as long as you always make sure you have sufficient time, your odds against the stress have improved exponentially.

Enjoy the flow of stress-free living!

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