Heart Chakra Sounds (Review)

In this review you will discover the pros and cons of Music Acupuncture's Heart Chakra sounds, which is a truly unique product. The first time I came into contact with Music Acupuncture was at a new age workshop, in 2000 or 2001.

When I emailed Music Acupuncture about my intentions to review one of their products, they agreed to provide a free download in exchange for an honest review posted on axel g.

Michael B. Johnsson, the founder of Music Acupuncture, did not even ask for a link to his website. In short, it has been a pleasure to deal with Michael.

axel g rarely posts reviews, but I really wanted to put a Music Acupuncture product to the test. The Heart Chakra sounds was selected by Michael.

The review was written in an honest light and I am not affiliated with Music Acupuncture in any way.

Music Acupuncture

Music Acupuncture is a Swedish company that is run by Michael B. Johnsson who is a chiropractor, acupuncturist and kinesiologist. One should also add that he is a spiritual channel. He says that the inspiration and wisdom to create the sounds came straight from the divine source.

Music Acupuncture started to offer sound therapy treatments in Sweden, in 1993. Today, Michael has a mobile clinic in Spain.

Their range of audio products are designed to heal and balance chakras, organs and glands. The unique sounds come from Michael's homemade tuning forks, bells and timbales.

Heart Chakra Sounds

The mp3 file is 17 minutes long and about 40MB. Michael suggests that you use headphones, sit comfortably or lie down and relax. Personally, I prefer to give relaxed attention to my meditation object during the session, which is not needed.

The unusual rhythmical metal sounds quickly call forth a pleasant sensation in the abdomen. Please note that not everyone is able to sense these subtle energies. Generally speaking, healing and balancing take place regardless whether you are aware of subtle energies or subtle inner processes.

The recording features healing bird song in the background.

Years ago, I spent many hours doing chakra meditations to heal depressive feelings or phrased differently, to purify the mind. Therefore, I immediately recognize the sensations that arise while listening to the Heart Chakra sounds.

In my experience, chakra meditations are very healing and it is recommended that you work on all the 7 main chakras, in order to bring about healing and balance. I have no doubt that Music Acupuncture's sounds heal and balance the chakras, yet it is debatable whether they are as effective as chakra meditation.

Another downside to listening to healing chakra sounds as opposed to practicing chakra meditation, is that you don't progress as a meditator. On the other hand, if you are new to meditation, the chakra sounds offer an easy way to heal and purify the mind. Moreover, it is totally effortless.

Healing is always positive and beautiful.

Music Acupuncture's products are quite expensive, however I consider them ingenious, unique and of high quality. Some are available both as digital downloads and CDs.

Unfortunately, there are no audio samples on Music Acupuncture's website, which essentially means that you don't have any idea what it sounds like. That is my main complaint.

In conclusion, if you want to balance your chakras, heal emotional pain or improve overall wellbeing, I recommend Music Acupuncture.

Again, axel g is not at all affiliated with Music Acupuncture.

Best of luck!

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