Feelings Of Guilt

Imagine going through life without ever hurting anyone's feelings. We often say things that upset others, but most of the time we don't mean to hurt them. Perhaps something made you angry or disappointed and you acted on your feelings, it can take years of practice not to.

Strong emotions can make a gentle person violent. So, where does guilt come into the picture?

As a meditator, I'm really interested in awareness. I enjoy the heightened alertness I experience during meditation but I also practice awareness in everyday situations like while eating or washing dishes.

The more aware you are of what you feel, think and say - the more aware you become of your own guilt.

Lately, I have often been thinking about past wrongdoings. It's not been deliberate thinking, but something the mind has engaged in on it's own accord.

Frustration and anger have blown my fuse, time and again, and as a result I have hurt others' feelings. Then, moments of clarity make me feel really guilty and I sometimes think to myself, "God, I'm a bad person."

Guilt Is Destructive

No matter what you have done wrong, it won't do you any good to think of yourself in a negative light. That is like digging your own grave.

It's important to learn from your mistakes so you won't repeat them over and over again. Dwelling on negative thoughts about yourself is downright destructive though.

Whenever my thoughts trigger guilt, I accept it. If you accept things as they are, your feelings and thoughts won't cause you any pain. Resisting on the other hand, leads to unhappiness.

It's a wonderful relief to be able to forgive oneself for past wrongdoings. I recommend a forgiving approach.

Learn from your mistakes but never blame yourself for what you have done wrong. That way guilt won't get to you.

Finally, be considerate of others. The one who is good, is free from guilt.

Best of luck!

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