Faking Happiness

Have you ever smiled to cover up your unhappiness? I have. No one wants to look unhappy in public or even around family and friends. But what's the point of faking happiness?

In this post we'll take a look at the mechanisms of this kind of behavior. You will also learn how to find lasting happiness.

Happiness is an ideal. Take a moment to think about it...

Even when we're not happy we often smile and say that everything is fine. We find it shameful not to live up to the ideal of being happy all the time. In short, everyone is expected to be happy and you better make some effort if you're not!

You're supposed to smile, laugh and be happy. We have also been told that it makes you live longer. I agree that true happiness promotes physical and mental wellbeing, while fake happiness may even be bad for your health.

Lasting Happiness

Everyone wants to be happy, that's an ideal shared by all of humanity. We usually seek happiness in money, materialism and relationships. But most of us are so emotionally immature that we never find lasting happiness, no matter how hard we try. We're obviously overlooking the cause of our own unhappiness.

Stop pretending that you are happy when you're not. It's more important that you deal with your loneliness, anxiety, phobias or depression. I recommend talk therapy, which is a straightforward and proven form of emotional healing. Moreover, it's a wonderful relief to talk to someone who really listens and gives you attention.

In my experience, lasting happiness is the result of accepting every moment as it is. We can call it emotional maturity or an ability to let go.

Meditation is an effective way to become more present and accepting of life. Here are three guided meditations that will help you get started. No previous experience needed, practice makes perfect.

Best of luck!

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