Let me tell you a personal story about when I was bullied, then I'll share my best advice with you.

I was 16 and just about to spend the month of July at the glider club. They called it Glider Camp and I had been looking forward to it for a whole year. What more could I've asked for, a month at the airstrip with just flying, flying, flying!

I started my flight training at 15 and during the camp I would have the opportunity to become a licensed pilot.

There were just a handful of youngsters spending the full month at the club, so we knew each other pretty well. One afternoon, a so called friend did something that really hurt my feelings, it's a painful memory that I've carried with me until now.

Just before the camp started, mom had bought me a pair of white sneakers that I was going to use for flying. What the guy did came like a total surprise to me, I had never before experienced anything like it at the glider club.

He grabbed one of my sneakers from my room and brought it to the kitchen. There he put it on a plate, sliced up some cucumber, arranged the slices over the shoe laces and squeezed plenty of ketchup and mustard on top. Then, he stuck it in the micro.

Later on, he handed me the plate with the greasy sneaker. It really hurt to be treated like that. He had damaged my trainer and now I didn't have any shoes for flying. I had hardly used them, but had no choice but to throw them in the garbage.

I'm sure most of you share similar experiences of bullying. I've learned to let go of unpleasant feelings and thoughts, so episodes like this doesn't trouble me anymore. You can learn to let go too.

Let me point out a few things. There is something nobody can ever take away from you, and that is your true worth. No matter what they say or think about you, it won't affect your true worth. Even the opinion of a million people won't change who you truly are, always remember that.

Best of luck!

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