A Meaningful Life

What is a meaningful life? Is your life meaningful to you? What could you change to make it more worthwhile? Take a moment to think about it...

In this article we'll plunge into the deep end to find something meaningful to live for. I'll share my personal reflections with you and some helpful pointers on how to create a meaningful life.

To me, a meaningful life is not about success, wealth and power, which is just bathing in greed and ego. I'm happy to admit though, that I used to resonate with those words.

Positive And Negative Life Experiences

Your positive and negative life experiences affect your outlook on life.

My perspective on life has been greatly affected by a number of factors and events. At the age of 16 and 19 I was involved in two road accidents that resulted in a knee fracture and a whiplash injury, which in turn triggered a depression that loomed over me like a dark cloud, for over 15 years.

At 22, I discovered meditation while traveling round Southeast Asia. From that point, spirituality gradually became the most important part of my life.

My perspective on life has also been shaped by the fact that I was suicidal for about 5 years, and overcame my depression during a meditation retreat. As a result, I'm most grateful for being alive. The way I look at it, my life is a bonus and I want to do something meaningful with it. Moreover, I have gained unshakable trust in the transformative power of meditation.

My personality is quite intense in the sense that when I find something worth living for, I give it everything I've got and make it a central part of my life. In truth, that is what it takes to make significant progress on the spiritual path.

The Human Condition

As a human being you are not in control or the master of your mind, you can't even stop thinking for one minute. You call that intelligence?

The mind is as restless as a hyperactive dog, always processing thoughts. It's quite an unpleasant mental state.

Human beings are slaves of the restless mind.

What is more, we are emotionally reactive. It hardly takes anything to make the average person upset or offended. Again, it's beyond our control.

Now, most people call forests, mountains, lakes, oceans and the animals that inhabit them, nature. That is how we have been conditioned. While my view is that the entire universe with its infinite space and spread out galaxies that are teeming with stars and planets, make up nature.

We are a part of that and that is where we belong, but it's easy to forget about distant worlds when you are busy with life here on earth.

Reflecting on the universe offers a wholesome perspective on life.

What I Live For

For me it's truly meaningful to transcend mental slavery, emotional reactivity and the delusion that I'm an individual with a name and a personal history. Ultimately, we are just pure consciousness housed in a physical body; the rest are products of the mind, fueled by its drives, and our inability to perceive objective reality.

Have you ever met anyone who has realized that there is no I or self? Another word for it is enlightenment. Facing a genuine master of the spiritual path is deeply inspiring and can be sensed in the whole body.

In the twenty years I have meditated, I've only met one. That gives you an idea of how few true spiritual masters there are. Hours after the brief encounter, it still felt like a sunrise in my abdomen. What a beautiful mental state, generated by a pure mind.

To practice meditation and to develop myself to the highest possible level, to deepen my connection with the spiritual worlds and the beings that surround us and support us, is what I live for. I'm willing to work tirelessly and to sacrifice many comforts and pleasures in life to realize my vision.

Furthermore, it's most meaningful to me to share what I have learned along my spiritual path, on this website. Without the sharing element, it would be rather meaningless.

Another point is that I find the ego and anger really ugly. The first step to minimize their negative influence, is to cultivate kindness and selflessness.

It's also most liberating to go beyond mental and emotional reactivity, which requires a combination of steadfast mindfulness and morality.

Aside from my spiritual aspirations, I like to nourish my body and mind with exercise, healthy food, sufficient rest and minimal stress.

At the same time, I enjoy having fun. I have several hobbies that I engage in mindfully, stargazing is one of them.

Helpful Pointers

Life is short and full of uncertainty, you don't know if you will live tomorrow. So, follow your dreams and create a life that is meaningful for you. Make continuous effort to realize your ambitions.

Besides that, take control of your life and don't allow anyone to stop you from doing what is right for you. If you want to live a more meaningful life - do it!

Cultivate selflessness and always do what is good and right. Don't only live for yourself, live for others too. Finding the right balance, makes for a beautiful life.

Best of luck!

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