What Is It Like When The Mind Is Really Calm?

Most of the time we're totally caught up in thinking. So, let's start out by taking a look at what the mind is like when we're not meditating.

Imagine you're on a train where you alternate between observing your fellow passengers and looking out the window. These visual impressions trigger a lot of thoughts. Many of the things we see and hear remind us of previous experiences and activate memories.

As a result, the mind is really active. We naturally analyze what we perceive. Either we like it, dislike it or take a neutral stance.

Then, the mind may slip into thinking about what you're going to do once you reach your destination or what you did yesterday. And it goes on and on...

So, what's it like when the mind is spinning like that? An active mind is like a computer that's processing a lot of data. This kind of mind activity can only result in restlessness.

Effects Of Meditation

By learning to calm the mind, your experience will be quite the opposite. As the thinking subsides the mind shifts into a lower gear.

Since you've been engaged in compulsive thinking all your life, you shouldn't expect to break the habit overnight. It takes some practice to master meditation.

At any rate, you'll make steady progress as long as you keep meditating.

Once the mind becomes calm you'll experience a deep sense of stillness. The first few times it almost feels like being in paradise. Read my article Divine Meditation for inspiration and support.

A calm mind is really radiant and literally pours pleasant emotions into the body. The soothing stillness causes the body and mind to slow down.

Keep up your meditation practice and enjoy the stillness.

Best of luck!

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