What Are The Benefits Of Walking Meditation?

In the very beginning, walking meditation may come across as difficult and somewhat awkward.

Most meditators do sitting meditation with their eyes closed and that alone can turn walking meditation into a challenge, however, given some practice it's not that different from sitting meditation.

There are several benefits with walking meditation. One of the main ones is the break it offers from sitting meditation. Many meditators struggle with physical pain especially while meditating on the floor and for them walking meditation becomes a welcome relief from pain in the knees, hips, back and neck.

Another obvious plus is the change walking meditation offers. After 45 minutes or so of sitting meditation it can start to get monotonous and the mind may loose interest in the practice, changing to walking meditation is likely to lift the mind out of boredom.

Concentration And Mental Energy

Among those of you who have practiced Buddhist insight meditation, also called vipassana, are familiar with the principle that sitting meditation deepens concentration while walking meditation generates mental energy. Without balance between the two, the mind becomes restless (too much mental energy) or sluggish (too little mental energy).

After 30 minutes or so of walking meditation it's advisable to do sitting meditation for a boost in concentration, likewise, after a session of sitting meditation it's beneficial to switch to walking meditation for a boost in mental energy.

By alternating between walking and sitting meditation there will be balance between concentration and mental energy which is essential for successful practice.

Starting With Walking Meditation

According to the Burmese Mahasi tradition, which is a well-respected form of vipassana meditation, it's recommended to start with walking meditation to generate mental energy first and then switch to sitting meditation. This boost in mental energy makes all the difference once you sit down.

Finally, sitting meditation is not superior to walking meditation. Practice both and enjoy the fruits of happiness and wellbeing...

Best of luck!

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