Thinking Is A Blessing And A Curse

Here is another post that endeavors to make you see reality as it really is, it will bring you face to face with thinking. In our modern day world, thinking is grossly overrated. To me, that is a denial of reality.

As usual, the article is full of examples that make for easy understanding. It is my hope, that once you have read the post, you will be able to recognize that thinking is both a blessing and a curse.

Man is superior to animals, at least that is what we have been told. Is man truly superior to animals, in every respect? For instance, can you run faster than a leopard? Do you know how to fly? Are you as good a friend with the present moment as a cat or dog? Are there more depressed animals or people?

Let's make a fair comparison of the good and the bad. When is thinking a blessing, and when is it a curse?

When Thinking Is A Blessing

Thinking can help solve problems such as famine and global warming, which is truly meaningful.

Thinking is useful when you work, study and plan your daily activities.

Thinking is engaged when you bicycle and drive motor vehicles.

Generosity and kindness are the fruits of thinking.

The human mind has invented cars, boats, airplanes, spaceships, alphabets, computers and medicines.

Engineers can construct anything from towering skyscrapers, to long tunnels and bridges.

Democracy started with a thought, and even though a lot of blood has been shed in the democratization processes around the planet, democracy is a concept of freedom.

Thinking certainly has its place, there is no doubt about that.

When Thinking Is A Curse

Have you ever held on to a thought? It could be, "I can't live without his love," or, "I'm a failure." Holding on to thoughts make us unhappy, even depressed.

Have you ever looked yourself in the mirror and thought, "I wish I were more attractive," or, "I wish I had more self-esteem," or, "I wish I were more intelligent?" These negative thoughts only call forth unhappiness.

Have you ever worried about the future? That makes for unhappiness and fear.

Have you ever experienced insomnia? It's hard to think yourself to sleep.

Do you know how to stop thinking? That is unlikely, we are obsessive thinkers.

Thinking is highly repetitive and negative.

Greed and conceit are the products of thinking.

Suicide starts with a destructive thought. How sad isn't that?

Thinking is the forerunner of crimes, rapes, murders, torture, terrorism and wars.

Weapons have been meticulously thought out by the human mind for millenia.

Racism, apartheid and slavery are the fruits of thinking. What suffering.

Without thought, there is no bullying.

Thinking has its limitations. For example, you can't think your way to enlightenment. Rather, thinking is a huge obstacle on the spiritual path.

As you can see, thinking is both a blessing and a curse. Would you agree that thinking is overrated? Or do you still subscribe to the view that thinking is the ultimate gift to mankind?

Best of luck!

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