Spiritual Reality

Let me share my reflections on spiritual reality. This post will give you a good idea of what spiritual reality is and what it is like to experience it.

Before we plunge into the abstract pool of spiritual reality, you should know that for practical reasons, I divide experiences of spiritual reality into two groups: That is experiences of your own mind and experiences of the spiritual worlds.

Many spiritual seekers call it direct experience. The word direct simply means that you experience it firsthand. For example, to bite into an apple, to hear the sounds of your teeth crushing it and to taste the juice.

The opposite of direct experience would be to read about apples or to watch a documentary on apples. In short, in spirituality a lot of emphasis is placed on the experience also called direct experience.

When we talk about experience and direct experience, it is helpful to elaborate a bit. During the experience you should give close attention to your meditation object. That way, you will not be overtaken by the experience. One could say that the meditation object acts like an anchor.

Further, the ability to pay close attention is the fruit of meditation practice. Think about that for a moment.

While meditating you focus your attention on a so-called meditation object. Common meditation objects are the breath and bodily sensations.

To be overtaken by the experience refers to forgetting about meditating altogether and only enjoying the experience. Throughout the experience, your attention should be grounded in your meditation object. With sufficient practice, you will be able to resist the pull of the experience and remain with your meditation object.

Experiences Of Your Own Mind

One of the first steps a meditator takes, when it comes to experiencing her own mind, is to become aware of thinking. Normally, the thinking process takes place somewhere in the background or subconsciously.

Now the meditator is aware of the process. One could say that the thinking has moved to the foreground and that you have become more conscious of it.

Stay with your meditation object at all times.

It should be mentioned that the ability to be aware of the thinking process, becomes more continuous the more you meditate.

By experiencing your own mind, you become aware of spiritual reality.

One of the most profound experiences you can have of your own mind, is the realization that there is no solid self or person, also referred to as the ego. That it is simply a creation of the mind that can dissolve just like a feeling or thought. Consider how such an experience would affect how you look at yourself and the people around you?

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Experiences Of The Spiritual Worlds

Unlike experiences of your own mind, it takes years of dedicated meditation practice to have a direct experience of the spiritual worlds. Spiritual seekers that have any such experience are not likely to talk about it. Why is that?

Once you have experienced the spiritual worlds, even at the lowest level, you will know that it is better to keep the experiences to yourself. Another way of answering the question, is to say that without being fully prepared you cannot experience the spiritual worlds. Thus, seekers don't talk about it to anyone who isn't ready for it.

Let me clarify a few points.

In the beginning, you only experience the spiritual worlds involuntarily and usually during meditation. Remember to pay close attention to your meditation object throughout the experience. On the other hand, at intermediate levels it is possible to experience the spiritual worlds at will.

The first experiences of the spiritual worlds are mere fragments. Hence, your understanding of the spiritual worlds is utterly incomplete. However, it is possible to slowly build upon your understanding through further direct experiences.

Even though the initial experiences of the spiritual worlds are dim or limited, they are nevertheless truly life-changing. So, what is it that makes them life-changing?

Any experience of the spiritual worlds will challenge your beliefs, your reality and your world view, to a higher or lesser degree. Based on modern human reason, logic and beliefs, experiences of this kind shouldn't be possible.

The experience of the impossible is what makes it extraordinarily challenging.

Spiritual practice is to explore the mind and life itself, meaning the beings and forces that support everything that lives and exists.

Life itself is another term for spiritual reality.

Best of luck!

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