Sex And Alcohol In Spirituality

Here we will explore wholesome attitudes towards sex and alcohol for spiritual seekers. Is there even a need to change your habits because you follow a spiritual path?

Other areas that will be touched upon are morality and the significant benefits of having a wholesome approach to sex and alcohol.

Before we start out, I would like to make it very clear that I am spiritual, not religious. In other words, I am a seeker, not a believer.

In short, spiritual practice centers around morality and the cultivation of awareness. Phrased differently, one could say that spiritual practice is about doing what is good and right, and to meditate.

Sex In Spirituality

If you have sex with escorts and prostitutes, you are not doing what is good and right. From a spiritual perspective that is considered immoral. Further, that is to misuse your sexuality.

Minor forms of sexual misuse include manipulative and selfish behavior for the purpose of persuading someone to have sex with you.

Gross forms of sexual misuse include sexual harassment, sexual abuse and rape.

Why is sexuality such a charged issue in spirituality? For one, sexual desire is a strong drive and the risk that it turns unwholesome is high. What is more, sexual pleasure is often used for escapism, not unlike alcohol and drugs. Spiritual seekers are encouraged to give attention to their unhappiness or suffering, in a spirit of acceptance. Another word for that is healing.

So, should spiritual seekers change their sexual habits? Yes and no. If you frequently misuse your sexuality, it would be highly beneficial to change course. For the average individual it is more about being faithful or loyal to your partner.

By not cheating on your partner and not overindulging in sex, you are in the green. Overindulgence can be a form of escapism.

A final note on sex. Always strive to be considerate and respectful of your lover.

Alcohol In Spirituality

You can certainly drink alcohol occasionally, in small quantities, and still tread the spiritual path successfully. However, if you habitually drink to drown your sorrows, you are heading in the wrong direction.

Alcohol and drugs are oftentimes used to escape reality. That type of conduct is most unwholesome.

Alcoholism makes for verbal and physical abuse. It also breaks down the body and mind. As you already know, alcoholics and drug addicts are sad, lost souls.

Remember that children are especially sensitive to intoxicated behavior, please act responsibly.

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Benefits Of Doing What Is Good And Right

It is referred to as morality or ethics. Spirituality encourages to always do what is good and right. That includes to think good and righteous thoughts. Take a moment to contemplate how deeply that penetrates the mind.

Spiritual practice emphasizes morality and meditation. If a spiritual seeker meditates regularly but ignores the moral practice, progress is drastically hampered. Both practices must reach certain levels before progress will manifest. This is a spiritual law.

The benefits of goodness and righteousness are most heartwarming. You will not regret what you have said or done, and you will not feel guilty about your actions. The people around you will enjoy your presence and helpful attitude. To top it off, your moral practice will make for steady progress on the spiritual path.

Not to be overlooked, changing your behavior requires initial and ongoing effort. Once you have called forth change, the fruits are very sweet. You gain self-confidence which will make you a more solid spiritual seeker.

Changing Your Attitude

It is highly beneficial for spiritual seekers to change their attitudes towards sex and alcohol. When you are ready for it, change in ways that are right for you. Do not allow anyone to push or force you into changing.

Days before the millennium, I completely gave up alcohol and changed my attitude towards sex. About 9 months later I became a vegetarian. No one encouraged me to make these changes. I was serious about my spiritual practice and willing to make the commitments.

In hindsight, it has been well worth it.

Best of luck!

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