How To Become A Better Friend

In this post we will take a look at what makes a good friend and what doesn't. Are you a genuine friend? What are your best and worst qualities? Take a moment to think about it...

One of the beauties of personal development is that we can change for the better. At the same time, it can be quite painful to become aware of your negative qualities and tendencies, yet you have everything to gain by working on yourself.

Personal development is a most gradual process, so give it ample time and don't be hard on yourself. Nobody is perfect.

Progress is the fruit of motivation to become a better person, awareness of your undesirable qualities and endurance to continue with your practice. Over time, the negative habits and tendencies will lose their grip on you.

Two of the greatest obstacles to change are negative feelings and thoughts, which triggers emotional reactivity. When you are impatient, stressed out or angry, it's difficult to be on your best behavior.

Thus, it's easier for an emotionally mature person to be a good friend, while emotionally reactive individuals are slaves to their feelings and thoughts. Try to accept your feelings and thoughts as they are, don't resist them.

If you want to speed up your progress, ask a close friend to list your good and bad points. You should also strive to become aware of your own feelings, thoughts, habits and tendencies. Regardless of how you learn about your negative qualities, it's painful when the truth sinks in.

It takes courage to change.

Here are over 50 pointers that can help you become a better friend. Take on the ones that inspire you.

Goodness Fuels Friendship

Always do what is good and right

Accept your friends as they are, don't try to change them

Value them

Respect them

Be honest

Be selfless

Be generous

Be considerate

Be helpful

Be kind

Acknowledge their efforts and goodwill

Readily admit your shortcomings and mistakes

Apologize for your wrongdoings

Give your friends space

Be humble as opposed to boastful

Be open-minded

Care for your friends

Whenever they face difficulties, really listen and be there for them

Be sympathetic

Have empathy

Speak well of your friends and the people around you

Seek out their positive qualities

Give more than you take

Delight in their successes

Open up, share your secrets and aspirations

Be yourself

When you feel inspired, be inspired

Friendship is teamwork, be a team player

Negativity Pollutes Friendship

Don't take any friendships for granted

Don't be selfish

Don't talk too much about yourself

Don't lie or mislead anyone

Don't be stingy

Don't be a know-it-all

Don't brag

Don't criticize your friends for no reason

Don't complain for the sake of complaining

Don't point out their flaws and weaknesses

Don't bully anyone

Don't entertain negative feelings and thoughts

Don't look for bad qualities in people

Don't take advantage of anyone

If you borrow money, pay it back promptly

Refrain from being emotionally reactive

Don't act or pretend to be someone you're not

Don't compare yourself with your friends, be content with what you have

Don't fuel jealousy

Don't be disrespectful

Don't hurt your friends' feelings

Don't engage in gossip

Don't be unsympathetic or unempathetic

Don't keep your friends at a distance

Don't flirt with your friends' partners

Don't think, "That's her problem, I don't care"

Best of luck!

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