How Long Should I Meditate?

This is a really important question since many eager novice and intermediate meditators sit too long.

It's wonderful to have the ambition to practice well, however, as you get more experienced you'll realize there's a need for balance.

A novice meditator is unable to maintain focus or concentration for very long, this is because the mind isn't used to it. The nature of the mind is to think and wander endlessly, so the novice really struggles to keep her mind focused.

Many times novice meditators get caught up in thinking about the past or future while meditating, we can call it daydreaming. This is perfectly normal. With practice concentration grows more steady and as a result there will be less daydreaming.

Time In Meditation

If you meditate for just 10-20 minutes, you can put in quality time. Ten minutes of steady concentration is of greater benefit than a long meditation with little-or-no focus. By sitting for too long the mind is likely to wander most of the time, but you can make the sessions longer as you get more experienced.

To meditate more often is a good alternative. So, instead of pushing yourself through a 30-minute meditation, cut it into two halves with a break in between. Take the opportunity to refresh the body and mind with fluids, fresh air and some stretching.

Avoid meditating immediately after meals since the digestion makes the mind sluggish. It's easier to concentrate when you're feeling just right.

Finally, some days your concentration will be steadier than others, these fluctuations are perfectly normal. Whenever you're having a bad day do your best to accept it for what it is - this way anger and disappointment won't interfere with your practice.

Best of luck!

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