How Do I Know I'm Mindful?

That's a good question.

Since mindfulness is a subtle mental state, it may take some practice to become familiar with it.

Moreover, when you practice mindfulness it's helpful and also encouraging to have a way of checking whether you're mindful or not. Let me share some pointers with you...

Mindfulness practice is truly rewarding. What I like the most about it is that you can practice throughout the day. That way, it's beneficial from the moment you wake up in the morning until you fall asleep at night.

Since the mindfulness practice is integrated into your daily activities, it doesn't take up any of your time. The one exception would be if you do things slowly, which makes it easier to be mindful. In my experience, continuous mindfulness practice is meditation at its finest.

If you're completely lost in thought, you are absent-minded until the very moment you realize that you're thinking. This is one way of knowing that you're mindful. Aimless thinking is the strict opposite of mindfulness. Having said that, it's very possible to think and be mindful at the same time. Let me explain how that works.

As you already may know, it's possible to be mindful while eating, reading or even swimming. One could say that your attention is split between the activity you engage in and your meditation object.

So, if you're bicycling for example, you may give 90% of your attention to bicycling and the remainder to your meditation object. As you can see, even 10% of your attention is enough to be mindful. Keep in mind, that the more attention you give to your meditation object, the deeper the mindfulness.

You are mindful whenever you are aware of your meditation object.

A common mindfulness technique is simply to be aware of everything you do. May it be opening a door, washing your hands or watching a movie. This aligns you with the present moment. You can tell if you're mindful or not by checking how present you are, as opposed to lost in thought.

It's not important which mindfulness technique you use, what matters more is that you practice regularly. Always remember to give relaxed attention to your meditation object; trying too hard only builds up physical and mental tension.

Mindfulness Generates Mental Energy

Everyone that is mindful generate mental energy. That grounding energy has a positive effect on you and everyone you meet. Further, the more experience you have, the more refined and soothing the energy is.

I'm writing this post mindfully. So, how do I know that I'm mindful? I can sense the mental energy that is being generated in the abdomen. That is my main indicator.

Best of luck with your mindfulness practice!

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