Mindfulness Clearly Explained

In this post you will learn what mindfulness is and isn't. Misconceptions are commonplace, so I hope this article will clarify what mindfulness really is.

It's vital to understand that mindfulness must be experienced in person. Having said that, it's not enough to watch videos and read articles like this.

At best, that can help you form a rough idea; but in order to truly understand mindfulness you have to experience it first hand, which is easy enough to do.

What Is Mindfulness?

In short, mindfulness is a state of relaxed, yet alert attention. Let me give you some clear pointers:

Mindfulness is a mental state. Don't let the terminology intimidate you, it's really quite simple.

Happiness is also a mental state. It's known as a positive or pleasant mental state. You know what it feels like to be happy and you're familiar with the sensation of happiness.

Anger is another mental state. It's a negative or unpleasant mental state. You know what it feels like to be angry and you're familiar with the sensation of anger.

Now, mindfulness is just another mental state. It's a positive or pleasant mental state. The only difference is that you're not very familiar with it. Practice well and that will gradually change...

What does it feel like to be mindful?

Mindfulness is a soothing and calming state of mind. The pleasant sensations make me think of a baby that's being nurtured by her mother. When you're mindful, you bathe in wellbeing.

What Is The Opposite Of Mindfulness?

That would be someone who is absent-minded. Here are some examples:

Imagine you're taking a shower, but instead of giving full attention to what you are doing, you think about yesterday and make plans for tomorrow. Do you recognize yourself?

Thinking has an enormous momentum that seems almost impossible to stop. Moreover, thinking is a mental state. Ask yourself, can thinking be stressful?

Have you ever talked to someone who is so absent-minded they seem to be caught up in a dream world? One could say that being lost in thought is the strict opposite of mindfulness.

A final note. As you may already know, it's possible to be mindful and think at the same time.

Best of luck!

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