App Addiction

In this post I will rub in the message that continuous connectivity makes for app addiction. Let us explore the drawbacks of always keeping in touch with friends and checking endless notifications.

You may think, "What's the problem? I love my apps, I depend on them."

Why are articles like this frowned upon? The desire to play with these apps is really strong and we are totally unwilling to give it up. Consider the similarities between a drug addict that cannot stay clean, and your yearning to play with the apps.

I find it ridiculous to see adults that play with their smartphones non-stop, they are app addicts.

Drawbacks Of App Addiction

Technology makes us restless and impatient. "When will he send me that photo from the restaurant? It's been 2 minutes."

How about the impatient app addict that cannot deal with slow wifi, "This connection is driving me crazy!" She says it and really means it. The frustration is as instant as it is deep.

Can you see what restlessness and impatience do to your wellbeing?

As a meditator, I find restlessness as unpleasant as anger and frustration. It should be avoided at any cost. Impatience, to me, is an undesirable personality trait that should be eradicated.

Observe how many app addicts display the restless legs syndrome, they simply cannot sit still. The movement is the fruit of restlessness.

It is obviously stressful to always be connected. Remember that the cause of stress is fear, thus app addicts are bathing in fear. How unhealthy.

How are your eyes, fingers, wrists, neck and back affected by your smartphone usage?

What is more, this planet has never before had this many educated people walk on its surface, yet there is hardly any sign of wisdom.

A Call For Moderation

Use your smartphone less and switch it off when you don't need it. Again, switch it off when you don't need it. Practice letting go.

Be in nature with your gadgets turned off.

Spend quality time with your grandparents by leaving the apps switched off.

Stop using the apps when you get bored with them. Let go.

This is all common sense.

As a final note I use computers and smartphones, but in moderation. They are switched off while I meditate, exercise, eat, sleep and do errands. I simply don't want to be disturbed.

To me, minimizing stress equals quality of life.

Don't be an app addict...

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