2 Healthy Snacks

Here are two of my favorite snacks. I love the combination of healthy and easy to prepare. Both snacks can be enjoyed anytime of the day and are virtually ready to serve in 10 minutes. Another plus is that the preparations hardly involve any washing up at all, which is a great bonus.

So, enjoy these healthy snacks and feel free to experiment by adding your favorite ingredients. Let's start out with the delicious sandwiches.

Italian Sandwiches

It's amazing what you can do with a slice of wholewheat bread. First rinse the lettuce, cucumber, tomato and bell pepper. Then, cut the vegetables in medium slices and put the lettuce on the bread and the rest of the veggies on top. Black olives and grated mozzarella make wonderful toppings.

Finally sprinkle salt, pepper, oregano and olive oil on the sandwich.

Bon appetite!

Fruity Yogurt

This high protein multi-vitamin snack, can be whipped up in less than ten minutes. Cut some fresh fruits into medium-size cubes and chop up a handful of your favorite nuts. Pour yogurt in a bowl and add the fruits and nuts.

Raisins make a wonderful topping.

Bon appetit!

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