Juicy Carrot Salad Recipes

Here are a few variations on a juicy carrot salad recipe. As you probably already know, carrots are high in vitamin a.

These easy-to-prepare carrot salads are both healthy and delicious. Let's start out with the most basic salad.

This naturally sweet and juicy carrot salad only has two ingredients, that is young carrots and raisins. The raisins are high in iron and fructose. They also make for a striking black and orange color combination.

If possible, pick a bunch of young carrots with greens. The young carrots are juicy and rich in flavor. Since the peel is really thin, there's no need to peel them. Also remember that most of the vitamins and minerals are found in the peel itself.

Put the carrots in a tub of water and gently brush off any soil with a potato scrub brush. If you don't have one, any brush with hard bristles will do the job.

Next, grate the carrots as finely as possible which brings out the juice. Either use a food processor or stainless steel grater.

Then, place the grated carrots in a bowl and add 5-10 raisins per serving. For example, if you're preparing a carrot salad for 3 persons, take 15-30 raisins and mix well. Keep in mind that the more raisins you add, the sweeter the salad will be.

Cover the bowl with a lid or plastic film and refrigerate until you're ready to serve the salad.

Carrot Salad Recipes With Dressing

Here are some carrot salad recipes that do not require young carrots. Again, brush and grate the carrots. It's not necessary to grate them finely, since you're not trying to extract the carrot juice.

Then, squeeze a few table spoons of lemon juice. Add the juice and 5-10 raisins per serving. Mix well, cover the bowl and refrigerate.

A refreshing alternative is to use 2 parts lemon juice and 1 part orange juice. Experiment to find your favorite dressing...

Finally, for a healthier and more elaborate carrot salad, you can add a handful of grated turnip or swede.

Enjoy your salad!

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