The Art Of Traveling Light

I started to travel independently at the age of 18. When I first set out, I dragged a full-size suitcase around with me, but I soon realized the benefits of traveling light.

No matter whether you're heading for Africa on a long adventure or going to a neighboring town on business, traveling light clearly has its benefits.

If you're flying, there's no need to check-in any bags which saves time and also minimizes the risk of loosing them in handling. Now, it's quicker to pack and unpack a small bag which saves you even more time.

With a light bag you can easily keep and eye on it while on the road and it's a breeze to move around with a small bag on your shoulder. Another popular alternative are these small jobs on wheels featuring pull-out handles.

Traveling light offers total freedom and ease. Gone are the days when I struggled with heavy baggage...

Basic Packing Tips

Just pack the thing you'll have good use of. An umbrella can be useful, but settle for a compact model. Personally, I prefer bringing little clothes and have them washed along the way as opposed to packing the better part of my wardrobe. There's always the possibility of buying whatever needed en route or at your destination.

Only bring small packages of hygiene articles such as soap, shampoo and toothpaste which saves you some weight. If I'm going on a short trip, I opt to pack hygiene articles that are a quarter to half full, at the most. Again, let's not carry around any ballast.

Personally, I always bring a small amount of basic medicines and food supplements which saves me from having to run unnecessary errands. These articles are light weight and don't take up much space either.

Bon voyage!

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