Subtle Intuitions

Let's take a look at subtle mental states. I started with intuitive readings in 2000 by attending a workshop just outside of Cambridge, in the UK.

In the beginning I found it really difficult to keep the mind steady and open to intuition. I was used to coarse sense impressions such as the taste of food and the sensation of hunger etc. So, at first the mind was unable to register these subtle inputs.

Now, eight years later I look at intuition in a different light. During these years I've worked as a psychic and reiki healer internationally and that has been a successful approach to getting the much needed practice.

Calm The Mind

When the thinking subsides the mind becomes really calm and starts to radiate. As this happens you awaken to a soothing presence. This is the nature of mind. Personally, I only do psychic and healing work from this calm state of mind.

When the mind is really still you become aware of these subtle intuitions as they bubble up to the surface, which is something I got little or no control over. I patiently have to wait for this to happen which normally takes anything from 15-45 seconds, after having asked a question.

Intuition is totally natural and all human beings have the capacity to open up to their intuitive nature to varying degrees. Talent is an important variable, however anyone can learn to tune in to their intuition. The main difficulty is its subtle nature.

For novice psychics, there is potential risk that the mind will create answers if you like. I see the need for a really still mind in order to become clearly aware of intuition.

In this article I'm only touching on intuition. I would like to point out though that there are many other valid methods and techniques out there used by psychics, each and everyone have to find what works best for them.

Thought Versus Intuition

So, how do you know the differences between thoughts and intuitions? These differences are subtle yet present. Thoughts are thoughts as we know them and intuitions are packages of knowing. Intuitions contain wisdom or knowledge that thoughts know nothing of.

The mind experiences intuition differently as well. Intuitions, no matter how subtle they are, contain this knowing or wisdom quality and there's a particular sensation associated with the arising of intuition. To put it in plain English, one could say that the mind experiences thoughts as ordinary, there is no magic to them.

Given time and practice one becomes more familiar with thoughts and intuitions which makes it easier to navigate these subtle realms.

Let pure intuition guide you to happiness and wellbeing...

Best of luck!

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