Benefits Of Meditation Retreats

There are many forms of meditation retreats. Some are strict when it comes to conversation and meals while others feature lectures and private interviews with the teacher.

In addition, some retreats promote a moral discipline that includes refraining from even killing a mosquito.

The discipline is there to support your meditation practice and not to make your life difficult. By not engaging in unnecessary conversation the mind becomes calm and centered. The two-meals-a-day is a challenge for many novice retreatants, yet a way to develop determination and awareness round hunger.

Find retreats that feel right for you, then I strongly recommend that you occasionally try new forms of practice not to get stuck in habits that may have negative effects on progress.

Another key variable is how long you're in retreat. The average meditation retreat spans over 5-10 days, however, there are shorter retreats while some meditators choose to put in 30-90 days.

It's important to adjust to one's level of experience and not do a retreat that's too strict or too long, which could suck the joy out of your practice.

Intensive meditation practice is the heart of a retreat. This form of practice makes for rapid progress and is superior to going to a meditation center 2-3 times a week. What makes a retreat so effective are the many hours of meditation, limited conversation, little stress and a mindful approach to daily activities such as eating, walking, showering etc.

All-Round Meditation Practice

I deeply recommend that you vary your meditation practice to a certain degree. Meditate alone at home, with friends, at meditation centers, in temples and do various forms of meditation retreats. A one-sided approach to meditation practice generally features a shallow learning curve.

For one, meditators who only practice in peaceful forest monasteries find it extremely difficult to meditate in a busy city. Don't limit yourself by getting stuck in habits...

Best of luck!

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