Shopping For Happiness

I agree, it feels good to buy new toys but the excitement only lasts for a short while. I once met a Greek guy who said, "Money's like honey. Once you get a taste for it, you want to stick your fingers deeper and deeper in the jar."

I think most of us can relate to wanting more, never having quite enough. Your neighbor may have a new car, a colleague the latest cellphone and then you spot something you really want in a magazine and it goes on and on. We're like little kids in a toy store.

A Buddhist monk once told me, "We dress for others." He meant that we're really concerned with what others think of us, so we dress to please them. Take a moment to think about it...

Lasting Happiness

Contentment makes for happiness and so does good health. It's about not taking everything in life for granted. I reckon I would be as happy in a cottage as in a grand mansion. How about you?

There's no doubt money is important but once all the bills have been paid, how much more do you really need?

Materialism is fueled by vibrant feelings and thoughts so I'm not expecting this post to change the world, but let me remind you that lasting happiness is a state of mind not found in material things.

Best of luck!

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