Secret Spiritual Teachings

Here is a unique post on secret spiritual teachings. What are they? Why are they secret and who knows about them?

This article offers a two-fold perspective: First I will share my take on secret spiritual teachings. Then, David Spangler who has been a spiritual teacher since the 1960s will shed light on the topic with his wisdom.

The idea to write this post was born about a year ago while writing a review of a book called Subtle Worlds, by David Spangler, which is featured in the axel g Bookshop. The book review was in-depth and was meant to include 5 questions and answers with the author. The fact that David Spangler helped to clarify certain areas, was a valuable addition to the review.

Mind you, only four of the questions and answers were published. The fifth one was saved for this post. Why was that? Well, I sensed that both the question and the answer had entered the realm of secret spiritual teachings and that it would not be appropriate to share it.

Anyhow, part of Mr. Spangler's answer will be published in this article. What is more, the book Subtle Worlds was wrapped up in a skillful way that touched on secret spiritual teachings. That will also be included in this post.

What Is A Secret Spiritual Teaching?

After having practicied meditation for 9 years, I came across what one could call the first contact with a secret spiritual teaching. It happened during a 10-day self-retreat in my apartment. I refer to it as my first spiritual awakening. Awakening as in becoming aware of something that was previously unknown to me.

It was the first time I had a direct, first-hand experience of the spiritual worlds. As a result, my world view or perspective on life changed quite significantly.

In the weeks that followed, I shared my experience with close family and 4-5 friends. In total, less than ten people had been informed of the episode. Some of them didn't believe me and others reacted with fear. One person thought I was going mad.

Here is an important point. Even as a spiritual seeker, I would never have believed anyone who shared such a spiritual experience with me. It is simply too far out, too unbelievable and too much to take in.

My stance is that secret spiritual teachings are secret for a number of reasons. For one, the information may scare or frighten people. That alone, is a major factor.

As a spiritual seeker, you do not need to know what awaits ten steps ahead on your spiritual path. It is better to focus wholeheartedly on your practice here and now, than to be distracted by daydreams of future progress. That said, it is sometimes essential to know what awaits one or two steps ahead. Rest assured, secret spiritual teachings will come your way when needed.

Moreover, seasoned spiritual seekers have deep respect for everything related to spirituality, hence they only discuss it in the right place and at the right time. For me, one such condition is that the person I talk to is sober.

axel g has been online since 2008. This is the first time I touch on my first spiritual awakening experience. It has not felt appropriate to write about it.

The desire to share spiritual encounters, diminishes with experience.

Most spiritual traditions have their own secret spiritual teachings that may only be available to its members or initiates. I have no doubt that a great many such teachings are secret for the sake of being secret. Sadly, it should also be mentioned that far from every secret spiritual teaching is based on truth and reality.

David Spangler On Secret Spiritual Teachings

Now, what does David Spangler have to say about secret spiritual teachings?

The book Subtle Worlds ends with a punch of wisdom:

"There's a reason why many spiritual teachings and insights were traditionally passed on only orally or in a manner that allowed for interaction. It's not that the information is secret, only that it is not easily reducible to words and is best passed on through experiential means or where questions can be asked and answered. And also there is much that only you can discover in your own way for yourself."

Note that Mr. Spangler emphasizes how the spiritual teachings were shared and the reasons for it. He is also pointing to the fact that some teachings must be experienced directly, rather than an intellectual exchange between the teacher and the student. In meditation and spirituality a direct experience is a personal, inner experience such as rapture or simply to observe the mind and its activity.

The quote from Subtle Worlds is full of wisdom, and according to David Spangler there are no secret spiritual teachings.

It is most supportive to be able to ask questions while you are learning, that is especially true of abstract concepts.

Likewise, some individuals react with fear when they are faced with spiritual truths. For that reason, certain information should not be shared in detail. Yet, once the individual has gained direct experience, it is both natural and helpful to communicate in great detail.

Finally, What did David have to say in the fifth question and answer?

He mentioned that each person's experience of the spiritual worlds can be very different.

I find it fascinating how spiritual experiences can vary that much from one person to another...

Best of luck!

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