Meditation And Transformation

Meditation practice can be highly transformative. In this post, we'll take a look at changes that can occur in the mind after persistent meditation practice. These transformations take place at the subtle depths of the mind as well as on coarser levels where the body and mind merge.

One of the first transformations along the meditative path is an increase in awareness during meditation and even throughout the day. To increase one's awareness during meditation is much easier than sustaining it throughout the day, which takes more practice.

Awareness or mindfulness if you like, is a precious quality that makes for inner freedom. As we become increasingly aware of our feelings and thoughts, we are presented with choices. This new level of awareness offers us the opportunity to choose what to do and when to do it, as opposed to following old habits blindly.

Letting Go

With raised awareness comes the precious gift of letting go of our feelings and thoughts.

Normally, when things go wrong we hold on to our feelings and thoughts which is a form of resisting. Such resistance is futile and only makes for unhappiness.

Letting go on the other hand, is the ability to accept things the way they are and leads to comfort and ease.

Letting go of your feelings and thoughts doesn't mean you approve of the situation, rather, you let go because you know that holding on only makes things worse.

Inner Peace

When we are able to maintain a certain level of mindfulness throughout the day, we become increasingly peaceful and harmonious. Previously, it would have taken hours of daily meditation practice to sustain this level of awareness and calm. With experience, all it takes is relaxed attention of the present moment and you're resting in a state of inner peace.

Profound Transformations

We are not talking about enlightenment here which is an even deeper form of transformation, chiefly dealing with the realization that there is no solid personality or self. What ordinary people see as self, the enlightened mind perceives as consciousness identifying with the physical body, feelings and thoughts.

Anyhow, most of us are able to increase our awareness and dedicated meditators can learn to sustain awareness throughout the day. Those of you who practice well, which strengthens mindfulness, open up the doors to profound transformations. These transformations include the eradication of depressive emotions which basically has to do with the enhanced ability to let go of feelings and thoughts.

Further transformations make for deepened inner peace and as a result you open up to mental energy from other people, animals and beings from other planes of existence.

Profound transformations only manifest when the mind has matured sufficiently.

Best of luck!

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