How Is Meditation And Spirituality Connected?

That's a profound question.

In this article we'll explore the connection between meditation and spirituality, which is of great interest to every spiritual seeker. You will discover what kindles or stimulates spiritual growth, and learn how meditation affects those who are mainly after the health benefits.

I would say that the vast majority of meditators are in it for the health benefits, such as lowered blood pressure and reduced stress, while a small number practice meditation as part of a spiritual path.

Picture two meditators, one that is meditating for health and one that is aiming for enlightenment. They use the same meditation technique, yet end up with totally different results. How does that work?

Defining Meditation

Meditation is a form of mind training and is practiced in four body postures. That is sitting, standing, walking and lying down. While meditating, the mind becomes focused and calm. It's easier to concentrate in a quiet place with closed eyes. As you may already know, a calm mind makes for a calm body and vice versa.

There are thousands of meditation techniques stemming from age-old spiritual traditions. All these techniques have a number of things in common. For one, meditation is about focusing or giving attention to your meditation object. Popular meditation objects include the breath and bodily sensations.

Another point is that it is the mind that meditates, not the body. Therefore, the body posture is not that important. Just make sure you are comfortable, which does away with unnecessary distractions and makes it easier to concentrate.

It's also true that meditation techniques rarely involve thinking. Instead, all of the consciousness is used for awareness without thought, also called pure awareness.

Defining Spirituality

Spirituality has been practiced for millenia. The objective is to pierce through human ignorance and beliefs, to uncover the way things really are. In other words, spirituality is concerned with truth and reality. One could say that spirituality is a path of wisdom.

Moreover, spiritual practice is a quest for liberation or inner freedom, which is characterized by continuous mindfulness and deeply soothing mental states, as opposed to clinging to negative feelings and thoughts. The attainment of inner freedom and spiritual wisdom is usually referred to as enlightenment.

Spiritual seekers also explore the spiritual worlds and the beings that dwell there.

The Keys To Spirituality

The combination of two practices makes for spiritual growth, namely meditation and morality. Without developing your morals to a certain degree, progress is greatly limited. This is a spiritual law, just like gravity is a law of physics.

This is why morality is the very foundation of every true spiritual practice. In a nutshell, by doing what is good and right, morality matures naturally. Please note that this encompasses everything you think, say and do.

A spiritual seeker who practices meditation and morality enjoys the health benefits of meditation and gradually becomes a more honest, kind and selfless individual, which has a positive affect on all human relations. Furthermore, the practice of meditation and morality leads to progress on the spiritual path and eventually opens the doors to the spiritual realms.

On the other hand, someone who solely practices meditation, only reaps the health benefits. So, switch off your computer and establish yourself on the spiritual path...

Best of luck!

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