3 Steps To Happiness

Happiness is an ideal shared by humanity as a whole and the most sought after state of mind. In our quest for happiness we imagine it to be ever-lasting, but happiness is fragile and depends on the right conditions.

Let's take a look at what we can do to live happily.


Gratitude is the opposite of taking things for granted and makes for a lot of happiness. Imagine a grateful child receiving some candy, laughing and smiling.

Then, imagine the ungrateful business man who gets a pay raise but totally resists and wants more. There's no end to how much we desire and want. Put in other words, we are hard to please.

Learn to value the small things in life, may it be friendship or a helpful gesture. Be grateful for what life brings you and really feel the difference. Gratitude is a beautiful thing.


Contentment is happiness to me. Personally, I'm contented with little. I don't need a car or the latest gadgets. My values have changed a lot, nowadays I'm more interested in a simple and meaningful lifestyle as opposed to career and success.

Contentment makes me feel calm and settled which is a beautiful alternative to always wanting more.


Kindness is happiness, take a moment to think about it.

How do you react to people who are kind to you? And how do you feel about being kind and helpful yourself?

Personally, I value kindness highly because of all the joy it brings me. Being helpful and kind make for happiness.

So, experience the kindness of others consciously and strive to be kind yourself. Look at it as an investment in happiness.

Gratitude, contentment and kindness have the power to shed happiness on our lives and work on two levels. The first one is easy to put into practice and involves being helpful and kind. Then, move on to appreciating and valuing the small things in life...

Best of luck!

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