How To Achieve 100% Success

Let me tell you a personal story, then I'll share my best advice with you. My interest in flying took off round the age of twelve. The sheer sound of an aircraft drew my attention like nothing else.

I started to fly gliders at fifteen and got licensed the following year.

My dream was to become a commercial helicopter pilot and to work all around the world — I was so driven, nothing could stop me.

The flight training was going to be quite expensive, so what I needed more than anything else was money. With a delivery job during the day and office cleaning in the evenings, I managed to put aside a substantial amount of money and borrowed the rest from my folks.

I was nineteen when I boarded the plane that was going to take me to New York. Once at the helicopter flight academy, I focused on the flight training and studied really hard. Right after passing my final check-ride, the flight academy offered me a job as a flight instructor.

The Offshore Job

14 Months down the runway, I had more than a thousand hours of total flight time and tried to get an offshore job in the pacific, on an island called Guam.

In those days, before the dawn of the world wide web, the fastest way of applying for a job was to fax the application and follow up with a call. They never offered me a position though, saying there were no vacancies.

Anyhow, the thought of the job lingered in my head. I wanted it so badly, I decided to leave the helicopter academy and go to Guam to do whatever I could to land the job.

I told the owner of the flight academy, where I by now had become a senior flight instructor, I had been offered an offshore job on Guam and that I would leave New York in a month's time.

I wasn't in a position to tell anyone the way it really was, knowing that most of them would have told me it was insane to leave a good job, without any guarantees.

Once on Guam, I checked into a hotel and took a taxi straight to the offshore helicopter company. I offered to help out with maintenance and test flights until they had an opening for me and only seven weeks passed till I was contracted to work on a South Korean ship.

I'll never forget the excitement that rushed through me the first time I landed on Sea Hawk Two. I was 21 and the adventure had just begun!

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The Keys To Success

Do what you love the most in life, let your passion show you the way. This is one of the master keys to success. It's much easier to find motivation to work hard for something you really love than to struggle with projects that don't inspire you. So, don't waste your time doing things you don't love.

It takes talent to make it all the way. Now, take a moment to list your strengths and go from there. Again, don't waste your time doing things you're not good at.

To become successful you must have confidence in your abilities. Confidence propels you forward and helps you overcome doubt and fear. So, don't waste your time worrying about all the things that possibly could go wrong along the way. Stop looking to the sides, focus straight ahead.

Best of luck!

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